elizabeth + sam


1. What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?  My favorite moment of our wedding day was when my groom and I made eye contact for the first time as I walked into 'The University Room'  and down the aisle with my dad in arm.  We chose not to do a first-look so coming down the aisle was such a special moment for us, nothing like I have ever experienced it before.    

From my groom: “My wedding day was an emotional experience that was nothing like I have ever experienced. Their are certain things in life you know emotionally what to expect, but your wedding day is different. People always say “it will fly by’, while that was true of the reception, the actual wedding and the hours leading up to it felt like slow motion, waiting with anticipation to see my soon to be wife, walk down that isle, in that dress was beautifully intense. Those final moments before i walked downstairs to the actual University Room felt surreal. I can almost remember each step, as one by one i was getting closer and closer to our union.The sensation of that first look as she came out of the back door slowly walking down the isle with her dad was incredible, the emotions were intense, a fully body experience that amerced my soul with happiness. It was a feeling unlike any i had ever experienced.”

2. What was your favorite part of the wedding planning process? I absolutely loved planning our wedding.  We chose to do a very short engagement (6 months) since we had been together for 5 years, so everything had to be done fairly quickly.  I wouldn't have done it any other way. We found great vendors who made the process so smooth.  We chose not to have an additional wedding planner help us, so I was it. My fiance (now husband) made the process so much fun.  We enjoyed doing much of the planning together as a team and have a blast while doing it!  I tried to keep stress out of the planning process (for the most part) as it was our wedding and not supposed to be stressful but fun!!!  My advice is make it a fun couples experience and a smile on your face the whole time :-)

3. Any advice for future brides? I loved the fact that we had a short engagement, I couldn't second guess my decisions and we didn't have to wait a long period of time to be married!  Another, piece of advice is go on a honeymoon and go somewhere that you can completely relax!  My husband and I went to the Caribbean the day after our wedding for 8 days and completely relaxed, with no email, cell phones, etc.  We are going to go on our "adventurous" honeymoon #2 to Europe in the spring for 2 weeks where we will travel but after the wedding a beach vacation was more then needed!  I didn't realize how exhausted we were after 5 days of wedding partying and the actual wedding!

WEDDING DRESS: augusta jones
JEWELRY: haute bride
PHOTOGRAPHER:  Alison Vagnini Photography
VENUE:  University Club {Downtown Denver}
CAKE:  Child's Pastry Shop
FLORIST: The Perfect Petal
PAPER DETAILS: scribbles