stephanie + brian

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WEDDING DRESS & SASH: modern trousseau
VEIL: sara gabriel
PHOTOGRAPHER: the willinghams
VIDEOGRAPHER: parallel media
FLORIST: a design resource


To the wonderful Anna Bé Team (more specifically, Jessica, Joy, and Melissa)!

When I stumbled upon Anna Bé, I was instantly charmed. I wasn't even engaged before deciding I would purchase my gown from the cute boutique in the highlands. And 2 weeks later, three days after my husband proposed, I found myself barely making it through the work day leading up to my first appointment with Jessica and Joy. My mom, my sister and I walked in and were greeted with the kindest of welcomes and 3 wonderful glasses of champagne. From there, it was an hour of magic and delight. Everything about your boutique whispers elegance, grace, and beauty; I wanted to run home, grab my fleece blanket and jammies, and make Anna Bé my new home! I digress...anyway three gowns into the appointment and I was hooked on the stunning Autumn by Modern Trousseau (and later, with Melissa's help, the Pansy sash and Sara Gabriel Veil). Exactly 9 months later, I put on my Autumn dress, my Sara Gabriel Veil, and cute Tom's wedges (grass aisle), and had the best day of my life. I cannot tell you how many people told me how absolutely gorgeous my dress was. They were all stunned! So all that said, I want to thank you all for being a part of my happiness. From start to finish, Anna Bé was not only easy to work with but knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I have recommended you to every bride I know!