vanessa + marcos

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1. What was your favorite part or moment of your wedding day?
My favorite part of the wedding was the first look.  We weren't sure if we should do one because Marcos wanted to only see me coming down the aisle.  But I'm so glad we did it, we got to see each other and relax before walking down the aisle.  Seeing the look on his face was priceless.

2. What was your favorite part of the wedding planning process?
The best part of the wedding planning process was probably taste tests with the caterer and the bakery.  There are a lot of talented chefs out there.  

3. Any advice for future brides?
I would the best advice would be to carve out time to go on a date or just spend time with your fiancé every week and don't talk about wedding stuff! When we force ourselves to of it, it made a huge difference.  It can be very stressful and having that time to be together is crucial.

VEIL: Sara Gabriel
JEWELRY: Haute Bride
SASH: Elle & Jae
PHOTOGRAPHER: Rachael Grace Photography
VENUE (& location): Lakewood Heritage Center (Lakewood, CO)
FLORIST: Crystal Oleskevich
WEDDING PLANNER: A Touch of Bliss Events/Kerri Butler