Erin + Taylor


From the Bride - I came into Anna-Be about 2 months before my wedding. The first wedding dress I had purchased required tailoring and after 6 months of tailoring, was no closer to perfect. I decided I needed a second wedding dress and Anna-Be was the first place I tried. Given my deadline, I thought a Nicole Miller dress would be the best option. Michael helped me find my perfect dress. And when we couldnt get the dress by my deadline, I was able to purchase your store sample. It looked brand new after cleaning and only needed slight alterations. I was so nervous putting my dress on the day of the wedding - I was convinced something would go wrong. The dress was perfect, as was the rest of the day. I am so thankful for your lovely shop that was able to help me find my perfect dress in an impossible time frame.

VENUE: Red Rocks Chapel, Morrison, CO

FLORIST: Flowers Forever Design

PHOTOGRAPHER: Jan Pelton Photography

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