caitie + brian

 venue: Sanctuary Golf Course

florist: Newberry Brothers

photographer: Six Eighty Three Photography

color palette: Marigold and pewter


from the mother of the bride - Thank you for making Caitie and Brian’s wedding such a special time for us all.  After the wedding was over I realized that the actual wedding goes so fast that if you don’t enjoy the planning process that you have missed a large part of the wedding. You made the planning a delightful experience and then also gave us a wonderful day.  I simply could not ask for more. The guests were delighted with the Save the Dates and Invitations that you designed.  They were our inspiration and really set the tone for the entire wedding. Everyone loved Caitie’s dress and commented that it suited her perfectly.  The veil was just gorgeous and photographed beautifully.  The feather for her hair was such a hit! We will always remember and appreciate all you did to give us such a beautifully memorable day.