Deconstructing the Dress: Monique Lhuillier Esme

Monique Lhuillier is always a favorite at anna bé and a stand-out gown is the Esme. The Esme is absolutely stunning. The overall inspiration was Monique Lhuillier's secret garden. She wanted to celebrate romance with an heirloom quality. 

We asked Monique Lhuillier to describe the gown in more detail and here's what she had to say: 

The fabrics are layers of tulle with an array of signature lace details.  Embroideries are delicate in floral, lattice and vine motifs, colored in antique silver and rose-gold threadwork inspired by the timelessness of our secret garden...

I think the thread that runs through the entire collection as a whole is the antique quality you will find in every dress.  Specifically, Esme is special because each of the appliques you see on the gown are lace that are hand beaded pieces of lace and then appliqued on the gown.  The whole process just for beading the lace alone takes over two weeks to accomplish. 

We featured the Esme gown in our last stylebook and must admit that we kind of love how the gown looks while running outside Union Station. 

PS - if you love what TWO WEEKS of beading lace and are dying to check out Monique Lhuilier, make sure to join us for the Monique Lhuilier dress event!