Wedding dress alterations play a big part in making you look fabulous on your wedding day!  With over 10 years of experience helping thousands of brides find their perfect wedding dress, we have developed a wealth of knowledge as to how your wedding dress should fit and who best to make that happen. As an anna bé bride you will work with one of our hand picked local seamstresses rather than offering alterations in house. Our lovely staff is always available by phone or email to discuss the fitting process in more detail. We would love to hear from you!

  1. The best wedding dress seamstresses in Colorado own their own businesses. Our anna bé brides are extremely special to us, and so we only want them working with the highest rated, most experienced seamstresses in Denver. All of the seamstresses we recommend have 20+ years of experience, and because they are independent you can see all of their online reviews and feedback from past brides. This allows for complete transparency in the process and you will know exactly who you are working with.
  2. anna bé does not profit from your alterations cost. Working with independent contractors means that you will not be paying additional fees that other bridal shops would typically tack on to your alterations cost. Because we have no stake in your alterations scope or cost, we will ensure you order the closest possible size in your wedding dress to avoid any unnecessary alterations.  
  3. Your seamstress will be your advocate. We speak with our recommended seamstresses daily and will continue to support you once your wedding dress leaves our store. Should any concerns arise, your seamstress will contact us immediately so we can ensure that you are 100% happy with your wedding dress on your wedding day.  
  4. Your alterations budget & other personal factors will be taken into account. We will suggest whoever we think is the best fit for your gown and your personality, and ultimately you choose who you want to work with. We will also make educated recommendations that will fit your budget, location and schedule for a more personalized experience.