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Dessert Decadence

Sugar. I love it. Forget Atkins or Paleo diet. My obsession with all things sweet means that I am absolutely loving all of the creative ways that brides are treating their guests to dessert. Don't get me wrong, I love a good wedding cake but how can a girl decide when there's also a cake and doughnut bar, or a sweet and savory popcorn bar, or an ice cream bar, or.... Sit back and indulge in some of my favorite dessert options.

valentine treat - real wedding jessica + greg


Happy Valentine's Day! On this lovely day, we bring you a wedding that we absolutely heart. 

Seriously, did this bride ever sleep? There is such amazing attention to detail, yet the wedding still manages to feel approachable, warm, and inviting and not over-the-top.  Sit back and enjoy the lovely details brought to you by Denver Wedding Photographer Laura Murray Photography and of course by the lovely bride, Jessica {who also just happens to own A Vintage Affair Events & Rentals}.  There was a ton of talent and creativity that went into this Colorado wedding, but since it's Valentine's Day here's a few of the heart and pink inspired images. 

WEDDING GOWN: lela rose
VENUE: devils thumb ranch {tabernash, co}
VINTAGE RENTALS & STYLING: a vintage affair events & rentals
PHOTOGRAPHER: laura murray photographer
DAY-OF-COORDINATOR: love this day events
FLORAL: cori cook floral design
CAKE: intricate icing
CALLIGRAPHY: paper ink paper

A Foodie Fete

There are different elements we all get excited about when it comes to planning weddings. Gorgeous stationary, awesome music, amazing dress (of course!), and super yummy food!!! So, what if flowers aren't your thing, and you and your fiance spend your time (and disposable income) on amazing restaurants, here's a list of 10 unique ideas for foodie-fy your wedding:

1. Late-night menu - for the party that goes all night long, or in more remote locations where there's nowhere to afterparty, consider a 2nd round late night menu. comfort is key, think what you love after the bar: mac and cheese, sliders, tacos, all great ideas for a little 4th meal action.

2. All pie, all the time - Pies are the new cupcakes, but better because they can translate across the menu. From quiche appetizers, to a savory pie entrees or sides, and of course, your imagination can run wild with the dessert varieties (I recently saw genius strawberry pies, and even a delicious sweet and creamy avocado pie!)

3. Food Bouquet - No, I'm not talking about Edible Arrangements...though the idea isn't that far off. There are so many beautiful edible items that would look gorgeous in a bouquet. I love lavender, squash blossoms, kumquats, honeysuckle, fennel, all kinds of edible goodies that would look delicious as arrangements!

4. Take it to the restaurant - If it's all about the food anyway, cut out the middle man and host your event at a fabulous restaurant. It's build in atmosphere, and you can really let the foodie in you run wild with tasting menus, wine pairings, and knowing the staff is cranking everything fresh out of their home kitchen, so you're getting the best quality possible.

5. Family-style - Consider serving family-style. Less formal than plated meals, but more intimate than buffets. Waiters deliver family sized platters of food to each table, and let everyone choose how much of any item they'd like, and no one has to feel awkward heading back up to the buffet for seconds, or wishing they could have skipped over a plated item.

6. Share Your Recipies - If you love cooking, a recipe swap might be a perfect personal touch for your wedding. Consider backing escort cards with different recipes, or assembling the necessary ingrediants into individual packets for your guests to take home and make. Or encourage recipes by making your guestbook recipe cards for your guests to fill out, giving you lots of new things to try after the honeymoon.

7. Get 'em cooking! - For a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or even a small rehearsal dinner, consider taking your crew to a cooking school and making dinner together. Or you can invite a private chef over to do a little demo. Great if you have family members who have never met, as everybody can come together in the kitchen!

8. Food Truck - Why cater at all when you can have the food come to you. Great for casual parties, or when there's no one else who does a signature dish quite like them. Denver has a booming food truck culture that's really taking off, and you could offer all kinds of items for your guests in a fun relaxed setting.

9. Go Deluxe - Le French service -  If casual isn't really your thing, and you're ready to throw the party of the year (or decade, or century) consider a service style that speaks to luxury and offer French service: where a flight of waiters deliver dishes en masse to your guests, simultaneously setting down each plate in a scene that looks like a royal fairy tale wedding!

10. The Ultimate Action Station - Let your guests in on the food action by letting them customize their dish with the chef. Sushi rolling, mac and cheese toppings, build your own burritos, flambe stations, the list is limited only by your imagination. Allowing guest to interact with a chef (a celebrity chef? Hosea form Top Chef has a catering company in town) means they get to have a say in exactly what they're served, also perfect for picky eaters!