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Introducing Merci NYC clutches at anna bé

We adore the newest addition to the anna bé accessories collection - Merci Clutches! These lovely items are great for adding a touch of color to your own wedding day ensemble or your loyal bridesmaids (think: the gift that they really will use again. Really, really). Merci offers a range of colors and sizes so there is sure to be the perfect clutch for everyone. 

Real Bride Perspective: The Lengths We Go...

Since I can remember, I’ve dreamt of having long, thick, voluminous, magnificently flowing hair. A brunette and gold waterfall down my back. It would tumble over my shoulders at just the right moment, it would blow in the breeze behind me and around me and settle again dreamily, instilling goosebumps in passers-by. Perfect strangers would stop me on the street and say, “You have beautiful hair; I’m jealous.” I’d giggle and say, “Oh, this mane? Don’t be jealous, it’s such a nuisance!” But secretly, I’d be thinking, “I know, don’t I?” My mother gave me many wonderful qualities, but my hair is certainly not one of them. My hair is a runway model: stick straight, fine, and thin. The one, and only, positive to this is that it is incredibly low-maintenance. It takes approximately 26 seconds to blow-dry and put into a bun in the morning. I spend more time unwrapping a stick of gum.

For our wedding, I want a stunning updo with piles and piles of curls. My hair simply won’t allow that. I went to one bridal trial and the stylist, after running her fingers through my hair with a disapproving look on her face (umm I am sitting in front of a mirror, I can SEE YOU) said, “Well, we could do like a French twist?” No. I’ve tried everything: volume boosters, mousse, gallons of hairspray, teasing, dry shampoo, thickening shampoo, even Ovation Cell Therapy shampoo. Lesson: you can’t outsmart genetics. I decided to take a giant leap and try hair extensions. I know what you’re thinking: “Girls actually have hair extensions in Colorado?? I thought only the Kardashians did… that stuff.” Let me just say that you’d be surprised.

Enter my dear friend Mandie who works at a salon in Cherry Creek. Mandie is a pro with Hot Heads Extensions and she assured me that I would love them. I did… for the most part. And I will give you my honest opinion, because you deserve that. HAIR IS A LOT OF WORK. I mean, it looked GORGEOUS, and you seriously could not tell that I had extensions (besides the fact that my hair grew a foot overnight), and it curled just perfectly and you barely ever had to wash it, and I could do side-braids and it was flowy and it was everything I ever wanted. Except the time commitment. And the itchiness, and the fear that the extensions were “showing,” and the fact that it was hard to sleep on, and that I couldn’t put it into anything higher than a low ponytail. Oh, and they are NOT cheap. And those are just the facts of it. This is no discredit to Mandie; she installed them perfectly and efficiently. I just realized quickly that I loved the way they looked but wasn’t crazy about the maintenance.

 Before Extensions 

Before Extensions 

 The extensions! 

The extensions! 

 My saving grace? THE UPDO! Kera Clyde at Rebelle Salon whipped those babies into an updo that I can only best describe as a masterpiece. It was the updo I had envisioned, and it was all worthwhile. I learned something about myself, too. I’ll endure just about anything to make this wedding perfection.

I kept the extensions in for about three months and decided to put them to rest until closer to the wedding, when Kera will once again transform my extended locks into a magnum opus. For now, I am really enjoying the extra 20 minutes of sleep I am getting each morning. Thanks, Mom.

- Michaela

Real Bride Perspective: Trusting your Vendors

There is a fine line between knowing what you want, and being overbearing when it comes to vendor guidance.  I am learning the hard way with a make-up artist.  I get the first email responded to and when I follow up with another email filled with questions and sample pictures I think I scare them away.  I have had a low success rate with second responses.  Is it because they are too busy?  I am starting to think it’s actually me.  I have done my research on each of their portfolios, reviews, pricing, etc.  Why is it I don’t just trust their work?  I keep asking for more reassurance that they are right for me. 

I did the same thing with our photographer. I did a bunch of research, met with her and knew she was perfect. However, when it came time to schedule our engagement photos I found myself taking all the fun poses off Pinterest and sending them to her!   She acknowledged my thoughts but didn’t go into detail about the shots she was going to take. When we showed up on the perfect November day Devon and Adam told us to just be natural and not force any poses. No plan, no direction, seriously?! Once we let loose it was an incredible afternoon and the pictures turned out amazing! They were exactly the warm golden glow I wanted and you can feel the emotion looking at them.  They aren’t Pinterest posts, they are us and they are perfect. Devo Photography is incredible and I fully trust our wedding pictures will be just as perfect. I have stopped pinning wedding must have photos because I know Devon and Adam are the ones calling all the right shots!