A Colorado Proposal Story

We at Anna Bé are usually all about weddings, but weddings come from proposals and this one is wonderfully sweet.

" Where did the year go?  A year ago this week I was proposed to.  The story goes…

The day after July 4th 2012 after a long day of work I came home to a note on the entry door from the garage to the house.  It read:

 Stop, you must read this before entering!

There will be instructions in the kitchen when you come in.  Go directly to the kitchen.  Do not go anywhere else (downstairs bathroom is OK).  Do not open the blinds, doors or curtains.  Do not let the dogs out.  Do not let the cat out.  All are OK! Oh, and don't try and find me :). 

Follow the instructions exactly as they are laid out!  I love you and have fun!

 A Real Colorado Wedding Proposal Story

At this point I was not thinking "proposal". Tom and I were participating in an iron chef cooking challenge for a date night the Friday night of this week (July 6th). The entire week thus far had been Tom quizzing me about what I would make if the secret ingredient was ______.  With how competitive Tom is I actually thought, seriously?!??!  You are going to make me participate in an iron chef challenge this evening as prep for our date tomorrow night!!!

As I made my way to the kitchen there was another note on the cabinet that read:


Step 1: Follow "The Perfect, Long Lasting Relationship Brownies" recipe.  You must complete it to move onto the next step (get them in the oven and you can move to step 2).

Step 2: go to the back yard and read "A Game of Luck" instructions.  Follow the instructions exactly as they are laid out!

Each of the brownie ingredients were separated into mason jars and labeled with their meaning.  When I began to read the recipe my heart started beating out of my chest.  My hands starting shaking as I added each ingredient to the mixing bowl.  Here is what the recipe said:

The Perfect, Long Lasting Relationship Brownies

To make perfect, long lasting relationship (brownies) you must start with the finest, highest quality ingredients!  You must marry together a careful balance of love, family, patience, trust and respect.  Follow the recipe below to make the "brownie" that will last a lifetime!


Sophia & Tom (brownie mix): a perfect combination of sugar and spice!  Lots of laughter, happiness and sweetness that is the base for these perfect, long lasting relationship brownies.

Family (oil): Gives these brownies consistency and a foundation to rise on.

Respect (water): The most abundant resource in these "brownies".  All natural and there from the beginning!

Trust (egg): The binding element of these "brownies". When combined with the first three ingredients it makes for the strongest "brownie" you could ever imagine.

Love (peanut butter chips): The best part of the "brownie".  There can never be too much of this in your perfect, long lasting relationship brownies!


Step 1: Mix respect (water), family (oil) and trust (egg) together in the mixing bowl.  Stir together until they are fully mixed.

Step 2: Add Sophia & Tom (brownie mix) to the bowl and mix together until well blended.

Step 3: Add love (peanut butter chips) to the mixture.

Step 4: Spray baking pan with non-stick spray and add your perfect, long lasting relationship mixture!

****Cook for approximately 3 years (45 minutes) to allow ingredients to develop, rise and become one.****

After getting the brownies in the oven I was in such awe of the romantic recipe it took me a few minutes to realize that I wasn't done yet!  I still needed to go outside.  When I got into the back yard our patio table was in the yard displaying a chilled bottle of champagne, champagne glasses, red roses and another set of instructions which read:

A Game of Luck!

It is easy to say that we were both very lucky to meet each other a few years ago.  You were talked into going on a camping trip at the last minute and I almost went home after not being able to find the campsite! But as luck would have it, we both made it there and we met for the first time!  Little did we know this would be the start of a wonderful relationship that has taken us to this point in our lives.  Every day I wake up and realize how lucky I am to have such a beautiful, loving, caring and thoughtful woman in my life.  Now let's see if a little more luck can take us to the next step!


1. There are 4 small covers that are covering a part of the aspen trees in the corner of the yard.  You are allowed to choose one of the covers to be removed by you.

2. After you have made your choice, walk over to your selection and untie the cover.

3. Read the message behind the cover.

4. If you think removing more covers will reveal a larger message, feel free to uncover them :)!

At this point I knew I was going to untie the third tree almost certain it would say "marry".  I made my way over to the aspen trees in the corner of our yard and began to remove the burlap piece tied over the 3rd tree. After removing the burlap the word "marry" was engraved into the tree.  Still in shock I continued to uncover each of the trees. As I was uncovering the entire message Tom had come outside, kneeled down and asked me to marry him!!!

As I stood in awe looking at our carved trees that individually said will you marry me and the final tree having our initials in a heart with the proposal date of 7/5/12 I looked at Tom and of course said YES!!!

We popped the bottle of champagne enjoyed some delicious brownies and began on our journey as fiancés!

I am so excited to marry the most incredible man I have ever met!! I look in our back yard, see the carvings and can't help but smile. Our trees will forever be a reminder of our special day! "

We thought this was so sweet! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and we wish you and Tom the best!