How to make your own Derby Hat

As the rose wreaths are place, the infield is prepared and the mint juleps are poured, every woman in attendance at the Kentucky Derby will be sporting her most elaborate hat. The wearing of the elaborate hats is probably the most notable tradition of the Derby. Whether you are attending the race or enjoying the festivities at the local party having an extravagant hat is a necessity. 

I found my dress almost immediately at Soirée, but had a difficult time finding a coordinating hat. I did what any creative girl would do and decided to create my own. Using a few flowers, feathers, and materials found at anna bé bridal boutique, I was able to turn a large hat into a flamboyant accessory fit for any derby party. 

I hope all of you enjoy the race and look spectacular while doing it!

I started with a basic hat. Then, 
I made the large bow and then placed the flowers on the hat.  I used the feathers to fill in the space between and add depth.  

Happy Derby-ing!