Beach Not Included

It's always around this time of year. When spring is threatening to emerge, things are just looking up, and then we get slammed with more cold weather. Random snow storms, ice wind... thanks Colorado, I really thought we were done with this for at least a year! It's that late winter activity that really make me start craving the beach. Just thinking of white sand, golden rays, blue water, all that color when my skin is particularly pale and sun-deprived makes me happy. Actually, it doesn't even have to be this time of year, any time I think of surf and sand I get a little giddy. Vacation time, no responsibilities, tropical drinks melting in your hand... sign me up!

It's no wonder that the 2nd most common type of celebration our brides are having (after enjoying Colorado's own jaw-dropping backyard in the mountains!) are beach parties! Toes in the sand elopements to private estate parties, and on every continent (okay, well not Antarctica). So, we've paid special attention to having beach appropriate options in our collection.

So, what's appropriate for a beach wedding? I'm so glad you asked! Really you can wear anything you want (it's your wedding) if it makes you feel beautiful, but we have a couple suggestions for practicalities sake :

Be breathable: Brides sometimes talk about not wanting a heavy dress, and while weight is important, breathability is bigger. Natural fabrics and fibers (cottons, silks) are always going to breath more, allowing air circulation and keeping you cool.

(Don't) Trash the Dress - maybe you're planning to jump into the ocean at the end of the night, soaking all that silk in sea water. Who cares if it gets ruined, right? You're not wearing it again! Then again, maybe you do want to preserve your dress, keep it for future generations, or just because you love it and you don't want to possibly damage something so beautiful. Staying out of the ocean will help there, but also think of the fabric. The lighter/more delicate it is the more likely it'll snag or rip. Tulle is notorious for catching debris and carrying it along (and if you think your beach bag has a freakish ability to release sand months after your latest trip, tulle be doubly as stubborn. Find fabrics that'll skim the beach and not sink. Or, consider a lawn overlooking the ocean where the dress will stay in better shape.

Shape - Yes, shape. The classic beach bridal gown is flowy and soft, with the slightest hint of shape. But something curvier has become more common, and trumpet or mermaid gowns are not at all uncommon for waterside celebrations. And if you want a ballgown, wear a ballgown! Just repeat the mantra: it is impossible to look out of place at your own wedding.

Think simple - The best way to get quality at any budget is to focus on clean lines and beautiful fabric. And with a drop-dead background it can feel silly to be overly bedazzled. Focus on the shape you love first, and use what's naturally around you (tropical flowers, scenery, gorgeous tanned skin and a perfect sunset) to be your accessories.

Looking for more inspiration? No one covers the easy yet chic beach vibe like Nicole Miller. Check out these gorgeous images to inspire your dress hunt, and come in to make an apt and try them on!

Beach not included.

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