Todd Reed Jewelry | Raw Elegance

Hey Colorado Brides! I would love to introduce you all to a favorite of mine - local jewelry designer, Todd Reed. I was completely taken with Todd Reed's engagement rings the second I saw them. I love the raw diamonds, the textured metals, simplicity in design, and the overall playfulness. And then I discovered his commitment to source the raw diamonds and metals in a socially responsible way and I was completely smitten. Below is an excerpt from Todd Reed's bio:

In 1992, Reed launched a collection under his own name and set out to change the future of the fine jewelry industry by designing solely with raw, uncut diamonds and recycled metals.  Twenty years later, his raw diamonds are still considered to be among the most revolutionary design steps that the jewelry industry has taken.  Reed’s collection continues to grow and evolve, as does his interest in and relationship with the material. “I source ethically mined and socially responsible diamonds throughout the world. This has been a personal ethic for more than a decade before the phrase conflict free diamonds entered the public awareness.” In recent years, he has expanded upon his original raw cube designs with a collection of naturally colored diamonds fashioned into antique rose and old mine cuts.
You can find Todd Reed's collection of Engagement and Wedding Bands at his Boulder Studio or Oster Jewelers in Denver. Happy Shopping!