Happily Ever After: Advice from the Marrieds

This past weekend I had the chance to sit down with a group of friends who have been married anywhere from less than a year to ten years and asked them what little nuggets they wanted to share with our brides. Here's their two cents {take with a grain of salt}: 

PART 1: The Wedding Planning. 

Ari (married 5 years):  Best thing we did was choosing a venue where we could bring our own liquor(Rembrandt Yard, 2007).  Looking back, I would change the flowers, they were beautiful but if you want to save money, plastic is a-okay. Oh and definitely I do not regret a wedding planner – best money spent.

Gretchen (married for 10 years, currently divorced):  My piece of advice is be flexible, even if some detail doesn’t work out, know one is going to know about it.  And for sure looking back I would never get married on the same anniversary as my Mother in Law and ALL four sisters! Never again.

Michelle (married for 2 years): If you can get it, I would recommend a private residence because then you have limitless possibilities. Editor's Note: Michelle happens to have access to a house that overlooks the hills of Laguna Beach, ahhh to be so lucky! 

Jon (married for 2 years): Well, the dress was key because it was all about how the bride looks. {smart man!}. And the other piece of advice is only get married the second time! 

Robyn (married for 10 years): The best thing was the lambchops, Listen up brides: make sure you eat the food! 

Coming up next... after the wedding, what's the key to the marriage!