Real Bride: The Balancing Act of Planning a Wedding

Oh, January 20th, you should have been so wedding productive since the work office was closed. Has anyone ever noticed that when you have an entire day to get stuff done the day flies by and you don’t actually get to anything? I am more productive when I have to cram everything into the day. When I can cross of to-do list items I feel accomplished and that makes me happy.

To-do lists while planning a wedding are a whole different animal. I am a seasoned pro at regular life lists, but adding in the millions of wedding details has left me constantly overwhelmed. How in the world am I supposed to get all this stuff done and live my life? If I can give up some of my regular tasks it might just work!  WRONG!! I learned quickly that by cancelling dinner with a friend or missing a boot camp class I was no further ahead in my wedding planning. I was grumpy from not working out and a bad friend. 

My tips for when the list becomes overwhelming: 

  • Prioritize and keep only the time crucial items in front of you. Tuck away the 10 other pages until you have gotten through the first page.

  • Make sure there are a variety of effort based tasks. Seeing something as simple as emailing back Mrs. Photographer, makes your list seem more doable vs. creating the entire DJ playlist.

  • Make sure on your list are things you enjoy doing outside of wedding planning. I always have work out and house projects on the list.

  • There are going to be days when you don’t feel like looking at your list. Don’t do it! Everything will still be there waiting. When I start whining to Tom about the planning I take a week off. This break makes me feel refreshed. There is a reason we get vacation time at our day jobs….we need it!
  • Remember the most important thing – none of the details actually matter! Having you and your fiancé there together is all you need. (I haven’t convinced myself of this one yet).

Until next time,

PS  – I am crossing off “write 1st blog entry” and it feels great!