Wedding Day Make-up: 10 tips to avoid a makeup meltdown

I don't know how many horror stories I've heard from brides about terrible experiences with makeup artists on their wedding days. Most of the stories ended with, "So I ended up scrubbing all the makeup off of my face and redoing it myself." As a cosmetologist in training and a bridal stylist, I am always curious with my bride's choices in hair and makeup. The Colorado bride tends to lean a little more on the natural side, and most of my brides wear little to no makeup on a daily basis. So the question is: How can you achieve a gorgeous natural look so that you actually look like yourself on your big day?

Here are 10 tips to avoid a makeup meltdown:

1. Colorado brides: Check out our photos of past brides, and if you love their makeup- we'll contact them and ask who their artist was for you! From out of town? Contact your local bridal boutiques to see who they would recommend.

2.  This one is a no brainer- ONLY wear waterproof mascara! And not just you- all your bridesmaids, sisters, mother, and mother-in-law. I don't know if you've ever been to a wedding before- but they're real tear-jerkers. So load on the waterproof and shove some makeup remover wipes and tissues in your clutch!

3. Explore your options. You want to feel your best on your big day, and choosing the best makeup artist is key. Schedule multiple consultations with different artists and see who you like the best. Remember- your makeup should highlight your best features, minimize your flaws, look natural, and have a matte finish for the best photos. Heads up - most make-up artists charge for a trial run. 

4. Sometimes having your best friend do your makeup for your big day is not such a good idea.... Even if their face always looks flawless, they're used to doing their own makeup every single day and this could potentially create more stress and drama if you don't love your bestie's creation.

5. When interviewing makeup artists, make sure to ask to see their portfolio. An experienced and professional makeup artist should ALWAYS have a professional portfolio.

6. Ask for a list of a few of their past clients. After all, this IS a job interview so you want to be able to contact their clients and ask how their experience was working with them. They may of had flawless makeup, but the makeup artist could have been extremely late and/or difficult to work with.

7. During the makeup consultation, make sure to discuss allergies to certain cosmetics. You may not be aware of an allergy you could have to a certain mascara, eye liner or foundation, so make sure the makeup artist writes down all the cosmetics they used on you to avoid breakouts. No one wants red, blotchy hives on their wedding day!

8. Planning on getting a spray tan for your wedding? Make sure you test different places out before your big day too. Having an orange body and face is just as bad as having a makeup meltdown. Once you find the perfect glowing spray tan, make sure you talk to your makeup artist and tell them to bring an array of different foundations. Even better- go to your consultation with your glowing tan! Check out Glow Body and Sun. They only use natural and organic ingredients in their airbrush and spray tans and have competitive pricing- What's not to love!!

9. NEVER EVER get a facial a week before the wedding. I think you can all imagine the nightmares that can come out of a bad facial or an allergic reaction to one of their products. Also- NEVER EVER use a self tanner. That one is pretty self explanatory.

10. Create a wedding day emergency kit. Some items to include: Waterproof mascara, concealer, Chapstick, lip gloss/lip stick, mini sewing kit, safety pins, hair ties, Bandaids, Advil, makeup remover wipes, tissues, oil blotting sheets, floss, quick dry top coat for your nails,  and breath mints.

Your Bridal Stylist,