Stock Your Bar Local Style

We're lucky enough to live in a place that is known as the capital of microbreweries, but just because you want to show off your hometown pride don't feel like you have to limit yourself to beers. We love a good craft beer but here's our locally created drink menu from cocktail hour to after party drink menu featuring all of the stylists favorite drinks. 

Cocktail Hour: 

Greet your guests with a Moscow Mule (anna bé stylist Melissa's favorite when made with Silver Tree Vodka from the small batch distillery of Leopold Bros) or an Old Fashioned (made with Joy's favorite whiskey, Stranahan's). 

 Moscow Mule -  Photo credit

Moscow Mule - Photo credit

 Old-Fashioned -  Photo Credit

Old-Fashioned - Photo Credit

Dinner Hour: 

Savvy brides know that limiting your bar can often lead to big savings, but that doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice taste or intriguing beverages. Avery Brewing Company (favorites of both Breanna and Chelsea) have more than twenty different beers, all delicious. And Bookcliff Vineyards produces some top-rated wines using 100% Colorado grown grapes. 

 Avery Beer -  Photo Credit

Avery Beer - Photo Credit

 Bookcliff Vineyards -  Photo credit

Bookcliff Vineyards - Photo credit

The Toast: 

A little untraditional, but for the toast how about passing around cans {yes, cans} of a sparkling rose (a favorite of Anna's). 


And when the party is winding down, help hydrate your guests with sweet treats of all natural sodas from Michael's favorite Oogave: Strawbery Rhubarb Pie?? Yum.... 

 Oogave -  Photo Credit

Oogave - Photo Credit