To Pin Or Not To Pin: A Real Bride's Perspective

{from the perspective of real bride, michaela}

If you’re like me, you’ve planned your dream wedding before you were even engaged. Maybe even before you were in a relationship. And there is one necessary evil out there that has helped us accomplish this - Pinterest. Now, contrary to what you are about to read, I am a big fan of Pinterest. It is eye candy splattered all over your computer screen. It is an aggregate which attempts to teach us how to crochet, cook, paint, build, garden, exercise, dress, shop, primp, you name it. What’s not to like? But most of these are projects and fantasies that we’ll repin and vow to do, but will never think about again, as the thought of living up to them is unrealistic and overwhelming. Unless you are Martha Stewart, the editor of Vogue, or a lingerie model, your house, your wardrobe and your body will most likely NOT look like the infinite pages of Pinterest.

Let’s get back to wedding planning though. Again, I’d like to reiterate that I am not anti-Pinterest, I just think that if you pigeonhole yourself to a Pinterest wedding, your special day will look just like everyone else’s special day, and, well… that’s not that special, is it? It can become all-consuming thinking that you may never have a wedding that looks as lovely, as sweet, as beautiful, as rustic or as shabby chic as what you see on the internet, but I’ve come to learn over the last several months that these are details that are mostly captured in photographs, and not in the minds of your guests. Your guests will remember the music, the dancing, the laughter, maybe the food, but certainly and most importantly, the love between you and your groom. And that is the most important detail, isn’t it?

Of course, you still want a visually stunning wedding, and what bride doesn’t? If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford a wedding planner or designer, they are excellent resources, as their job is to come up with ideas that will suit YOU, and not the trends. If you are on your own for wedding planning and décor, recruit friends and family to help you think of elements that will reflect the interests of you and your groom. These are the details that will far outlast your flowers, your candy bar, and your hanging votives. Make memories, don’t recreate them.