Ask the Expert: Chowen Photography {Daniel & Heidi Chowen}

This uber-talented husband and wife photography team share their philosophy and tips for capturing the images that you’re yearning for on your wedding day.

Noteworthy Qualities:  The art {and this photography should really be called art} created by this duo stands out because it’s coming from two different visions. This couple is completely in sync, compliments each other non-stop, and gives off the most amazing, loving vibe – who wouldn’t want them to be a part of their wedding? The pair always shoots together and although they initially only shot a handful of weddings, over the years they have gradually switched to shooting primarily weddings because they fell in love with the process and the couples they met.

Where to Find Them: Although they are Colorado based, they happily will travel the world to capture your story.

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So, let's dive in to the Ask and Tell with Heidi:

How do I decide on my photographer?

Every artist is unique. It’s hard to compare one photographer to another, but ultimately should connect. Connect with the work and with the person.

Do I need to do an engagement session?

An engagement session can be great, but not all couples {usually the husband-to-be} are keen on the session. As a husband and wife team, we have an advantage to putting the guy at ease, but when we do engagement session we do them as more of a lifestyle shoot. This is our chance to really capture the couple. We’ll share a few beers and essentially shoot a date, a meal, etc. – it’s about the interaction between the couple. And one bonus about an engagement session is that if you are uncomfortable in front of the camera, this is a chance to get more comfortable.

Should I create an album? If not, what can I do with my images?

We don’t put any pressure on our clients to have a specific package.  Some love a traditional album, but some other great display options that we have done can be a presentation box that holds matted prints that allows the couple to change out the images periodically or really big metal prints can be a great statement.   

How can I get great quality photography without blowing the budget?

We believe that there is a photographer for every bride and groom. If there is an artist that you love and simply can’t afford, ask them to refer some other people. But, recognize that you cannot go back and retake those images. Your wedding is a one-time thing, and the images will last forever.

How much direction should I give my photographer?

Remember that you picked your photographer because you liked what you saw in their work! If there is an image that you found and loved on a blog, share it with your photographer but don’t take what you see too literally – you don’t want to recreate someone else’s wedding – you still want the image to be a reflection of your day.

And just be flexible, lighting can change and you really will get the best shots if you are willing to capture that amazing moment right when the light is perfect. And if there is an extravagant shot that you really want, allow enough time for it.

Any favorite spots in Colorado to shoot?  

That’s a tough one, because we actually love not going to the same spot. We like finding something different and want to find something that is unique to the couple. As an artist, you don’t ever want to do the same thing over and over.

From a photographer’s point of view, are there any dresses that photograph better?

All dresses photograph well – it’s more important that the bride is comfortable and feels confident {but, we do tend to love sparkles and movement}.   And you know what we love, really love? Veils.  A veil is so pretty to photograph and we love it when brides change throughout the night. Maybe add a sash or change out their headpiece to a crystal thingy.

Any last bit of advice?

Well, we just got this from our five year old. Take a deep breath. Smell the flower: blow out the candle. No seriously, have fun with it and trust that everyone you have hired is doing their jobs to make the day the best for you.  That is why you chose them.

What are some of your favorite shots from this past season?

This is one of our favorites as we were able to steal the bride and groom away for a few minutes while the guests were dancing on the other side of the tent. A perfect moment for a bride and groom to have a private moment during the reception.


We love the movement of a veil in an image.  This was particularly great as a breezy wind came through and lifted up the bride's veil.


These shots we love as they were a recent wedding that the lovely bride and groom let us take them away for the very few minutes we had of sunset light in a particular spot before it faded over the mountains.  It was perfect.


The getting ready part of the wedding day is one of my favorites as I love the ritual of getting ready.  Maybe it is because I am a girl, but I love the anticipation, the makeup, the giggling and sharing champagne with girlfriends.  I just love it. It is fun for me as I get the bride to become even more comfortable with me being her personal paparazzi and I have creative freedom to do what I do as an artist.


One last question - What is your favorite dress at anna bé?

My wedding dress designer crush at the moment is Vera Wang and her 2012 Collections. I can't select just one as I love them as a cohesive theme and below are my favorites. I love her Fall Collection for so many reasons. It is daring and bold and the textures are just too amazing. The Spring Collection is so soft and romantic and the movement of them alone is just to die for. I love the unexpected and these would make a statement at any wedding and set the tone for who you are as a bride. I love these as they are fantasy-like....and they would photograph like a dream. If would wear any of these dresses in a heart-beat.


Oh but then there is Monique Lhuillier, how fun to be at the trunk show for these amazing much fun.  I am sure it is a lot of work, but it seems fun. Here are the ones I totally love from Monique. 

{check out these gowns by monique lhuillier at our upcoming trunk show OCT 5-7}