Alternative Bridal Shower Ideas

For many, the bridal shower is something they look forward to.  A day for the bride to be "showered"  in gifts with her closest friends and family.  However, for some brides the idea of having a celebration with silly games and dozen of adoring eyes upon them as they open themed endowments to their marital bliss is less than appealing.  If you are one of the latter, you are not alone and there are many options!

1. Do something: If you are an active bride, chances are many of your close friends and family are as well.  Take advantage of what Colorado has to offer or get everyone together for an activity such as a bike tour or class based on your favorite activity. 

2. Make Something: If you are a wiz in the kitchen or can't tell the difference between a calander or a siffter a learn-to-cook class would be a fun way to get everyone together.  You will not only discover your top chef talents, but your guests will have a tasty treat to take home as a favor.  If you prefer a gluegun to a wisk, learing how to make a pinterest-worthy craft would not only providean experience, but a souviner for your guest.  Some fun ideas include learn how to make scones.  Everyone can enjoy a scone that day and take home the extras with a little jar of jam.  Canvases and Cocktails ( you could like this under canvases and cocktails people will also visit our site since they were mentioned) is a fun ways for everyone to make art while enjoying their favorite libation!

3. Try Something: Colorado is full of wonderful breweries and wineries.  Show your friends and family a hint of the local taste with a wine or beer pairing.  Instead of the typical wine and cheese pairings work with local resturants or companies to make something that fits you. I recently went to a beer and chocolate tasting that was not only interesting, but delicious and fun.  

Most of all,  you should be excited about your bridal shower.  If you have something in mind, let the host know early so she can help to make it the perfect party.