Something used: How to incorporate your mother's wedding dress

It's a nice thought that someday your daughter will want to wear your wedding dress - one that your mom, your grandmother, and your great grandmother all probably had too! But let's face it, not every gown will stand the test of time. Fabrics fade or yellow, styles change, and being related doesn't necessarily mean you have the same body type or are the same size. So how do you incorporate your mom's (or grandmother's or aunt's) beloved wedding gown into your own bridal look? Below are a few ideas on how to do just that!

• Re-purpose it into a rehearsal dinner or reception dress - depending on the condition or the fit of the dress this can be as simple as shortening the length! Don't be discouraged if it     takes more than that to turn an out of date frock into your dream look though. In most cases a skilled seamstress will be able to work with you, and the gown, to recreate it into a perfect party frock!

• Re-purpose it into the flower girl dress - pretty much the same idea as the above but I just had to put this one in here! A recent anna be bride created her daughter's flower girl dress out of her mother's wedding gown. Not only was the dress completely adorable, it was an unexpected and meaningful touch in the wedding party look.


• Incorporate it into your veil - more often than not we see this done with lace but feel free to get creative! And as luck would have it the wonderfully talented Sara Gabriel, one of our favorite veil and headpiece designers, is happy to accommodate such requests! Costs vary and appointments are required so that we may help you design the perfect piece, call the store today to set yours up!



• Integrate a piece of it into your wedding dress - only if mom (and any other family member with claim to the dress) approve - we don't want to cause any fights a la the drama in 27 Dresses! This is a great way to have a little piece of a family heirloom close to you on the wedding day and works especially well if the material of the gown has been damaged or stressed. Find a salvageable piece and sew it into the inside of your dress, along the hem, anywhere you like!