One hour, one designer dress, one heck of a deal!

Navigating a sample sale can be tricky business and it isn't always for the faint of heart. But, if you're up for the challenge, we have scores of brides who have gotten their dream gown for a serious discount at one of our sample sales. 

In order to help you figure out if you could be one of them, here's a couple of things to consider: are you able to make a decision quickly or do you need lots of opinions and/or mom's approval before making your final choice? are you a street size 6-10 and average height? is there one particular dress that you absolutely have to try on or have? 

There's no wrong answers here, but sample sales can be a bit hectic {there's lots of fashionistas on a budget} and so we cannot hold a gown. This means that when you find your dress, you have to be ready to make that split second decision. And just know that sample gowns are typically bridal size 8s and 10s and therefore work best for girls who are close to this size. And of course, since there's no telling what will be on sale {we don't decide until the night before} if there's something you absolutely must have or must try, well a sample sale may not be for you. 

If you're still reading this thinking "that's me!" well, then give us a ring. We're by appointment only during the sale and all dresses are on a first come, first sold basis. And please know, we're pretty aggressive with our pricing. We know it's tough enough to make that decision and so we take into account the condition of the dress, any wear and tear, and mark it down accordingly. Sometime as much as 90% off the original price! This way you can spend more time shopping and less time haggling.

Please make your appointment today so we can see you August 29th - 31st if you're ready to find your designer gown for a steal!