New local jewelry designer at anna bé!

We love working with designers from all over the world at anna bé, but we get the most excited when we find a fantastic local line that we can carry. It's why we love Sara Gabriel so much, and why we're now head over heels for Sara Watts, a Boulder-based jewelry designer who is premiering her bridal collections at anna bé!

Sara came to us with the idea of taking the unique handmade elements of her jewelry line, and translating them into pieces for brides. Her extensive training, both formal and hands-on led her to focus on expert craftsmanship while retaining the inquisitive and innovative approach of a solo designer. Each of the four mini collections is inspired by a different idea. From rudelated quartz with ribbons of gold running through the stones in her Earthy collection, to raw diamonds in the Rock and Roll line, to pearl strands that layer together to look like champagne bubbles floating to the top of your glass in the Bubbly collection, these very real inspirations can be seen in every piece. Pieces come in gold fill or sterling, and best of all, Sara's more than happy to come down and do a custom consultation with you!

Sara's Four Collections:
Earthy - rich and muddled colors with organic strands of gold, rich almond pearls and dreamy greens. authentic and organic

Rock and Roll - a rough and tumble sensibility with raw cut diamonds, geometric shapes, and chunky stones

Bubbles - buoyant and bubbly, frothy pearls in multiple strands create movement and lightness with a dreamy luster

Classic - the subdued side, every bit as handcrafted, but with a softer edge and more modestly scaled