Exit Strategies - Making a Memorable Exit

While planning a wedding, you rarely think about what happens at the end of the night, when the party is over. But making your exit as a married couple can be your one last hurrah that evening, so don't miss the chance to make it extra special! Here are a couple of options to make your grand exit, from super traditional to new and novel. 


The Ceremony Send-off

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Have images of rice being tossed in the air as you walk out of the chapel doors? Unfortunately, there are few places that still let you participate in this tradition, symbolizing prosperity and fertility. It doesn't actually hurt birds at all, but clean up can be a bit tough. Bags of confetti individually attached to wedding programs, a dove release, streamers, all of these work wonderfully for a traditional feel. And if clean-up is an issue, and indoor toss might work well for paper products, since they can be vacuumed up, or this bio-degradable for the outdoors, handfuls of lavender would smell heavenly, or even sugar sprinkles as a type of organic glitter.

You may choose not to do this is you're having your ceremony and reception at the same sight, or you could choose to use these same ideas when you're announced and join the reception, post-pictures. 


The End of the Night

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Double duty might be a bit overkill, so decide if it's better to do the big send-off after the reception instead of the ceremony. Since for many brides this will be at night, sparklers are an amazing choice for the send off. Lighting up the night with the festive crackle of sparklers is both nostalgic and modern. Be sure to take advantage of all the fun photo tricks you can do with sparklers as well, your photographer will have a field day! For non-traditional couples, a fun send off could be as simple as lining everyone up and getting a running high-five with everyone, or could end an intimate evening with a hug and a kiss, thanking each person for being a part of your day.



The Get-Away Car

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So how do you drive off into the sunset? Perhaps a white horse is a bit much, but feel free to think outside the box. Taking off on a bicycle built for two, hailing a pedi-cab and heading straight to the after-party. If your grandparents are around, how sweet would it be to have them drive the new couple off, or if your parents headed off in an old convertible, why not do the same?! Even if your vehicle is just taking you down the street to your hotel, or around the block, don't miss this chance to participate in a bit of tradition and exit in style.