Find your Font! A style quiz for your invitations

Somewhere around decision 3 billion and 7 you have to make about your wedding, someone asks you about what your invitations will look like. So you start looking at options... and between etched plexiglass and looking into buying your own letterpress to hand create your invitations yourself, hyperventilating might occur. Never you fear, answer these few questions to help start to make sense of the madness and find invitations, escort cards, save the dates, or any printed product that works for you!


A. If you opened my closet, you'd find:

  1. a color-coded, neatly arranged array of clothes, basics for the current season (all my off-season clothes are packed and in storage), with a few key statement pieces for special occasions
  2. black, because black is simple, classic, and it means everything in my closet goes with everything else
  3. a space overflowing with accessories, new finds, great classics, designer goodies, thrift store finds, vintage pieces from my more fashionable relatives, and a department store's worth of shoes
  4. yoga pants, Teva's, some cami's, sun dresses...okay maybe ONE sparkly top


 B. When you describe your wedding, you commonly use the words:

  1. formal, traditional, elegant
  2. classic, chic, modern
  3. vintage, romantic, whimsical
  4. fun, not too stuffy or formal, a great party!


C. Your bridesmaids are wearing:

  1. one of our wedding colors, with matching sashes, and i bought them all the same shoes as a gift so they'll look perfect together
  2. fitted cocktail dress. black... remember, it goes with everything, and it's look very clean
  3. everyone is wearing a different shade of the same color, or a matching neckline but slightly different styles
  4. something they love from their closets, as long as they're short and not too formal. i just want them to feel beautiful


D. The store with the best design aesthetic:

  1. Nordstrom
  2. Apple
  3. Anthropologie
  4. REI


E. What's the most beautiful city in the world?

  1. Paris, romantic and graceful
  2. New York, bright and bustling, with the most exciting culture
  3. San Francisco, it's so colorful and vibrant, all those cultures coming together in one place!
  4. Boulder, surrounded by natural beauty and small


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 


If you answered mostly...

1's: The Classisist

You were made for weddings! Seriously, planning, organizing, color-coding, we've just unleashed your inner Martha. A lot of this is probably born out of your love for the classics. Old movies, authentic recipes, tried and true styles. It's nice to revel in good old fashioned romance and magic for your wedding, you've been dreaming about it for so long!

What's your font? A bold, round script, but of course. It screams bridal from a mile away, and screams in only the most balanced, restrained, chic way. Consider having a monogramed designed that can go on everything from your save the dates, through your invitations, into your ceremony lighting and thank you's. Again, it's about a classic, formal round hand, that speaks elegance and tradition.


Turn it on its head: Afraid it's getting a bit too formal and want to change it up? Consider setting text at a "rakish angle" allowing a little of your inner rebel to shine through.



2's: The Minimalist

Did you grow up on the East Coast? Cause this is sooo New York! Clean, sleek, modern, you know exactly what Diana Vreeland meant when she said "Elegance is refusal". Modern doesn't have to mean sombre and you like to have fun, but the world is full of enough clutter, and you like to focus on a few exquisite pieces rather than lots and lots of stuff for the sake of having stuff.

What's your font? Ever heard of "sans serif"? Roughly, it means "without flourish". Letters are clean, crisp with a minimum of embellishment, and are focused instead on straightforward communication. White space is key, the right balance of text with just open space to make the words themselves the most important part. Play with sizes and scale to draw the eye to important information, and choose a paper with a subtle texture and off color with a rich black ink for maximum impact.

Turn it on its head:  In case you're worried that your invitations are getting a little boring or "industrial" looking, warm it up: find a quirk or fun element, an acid color, an illustration to balance the text, or just really a really cool layout!



3's: The Eclectisist 

Yay things! Not in a super-materialistic sort of way, you love celebrating memories with mementos. Shopping is fun because it's playtime: you get to invent personas, alter your appearance, manipulate ideas, all with clothing and accessories! You can be inspired by anything, and so you want to surround yourself with the people, things, colors, flavors, sights and sounds you love! And that creative streak means you're not just going to pull a single look out of a magazine and try to recreate it, you want to make it all your own!

What's your font? Any and everything, the world is your oyster! But if you're looking for a good starting place, look for a design with a mix of font, some cleaner for more important next that needs to be easily read, and sme that are much more decorative to add visual interest in the text itself.

Turn it on its head: If you want to go really crazy, go for an ombre-effect in the lettering. The color gradient will start at one side and slowly morph into the other tone at the opposite end of the page. Gives a really luxe custom look and creates a level on uniformity to a design that could get a little busy.




4's: The Coloradan

A special breed, whether you're a native or a convert, you've find your lifestyle. It's nice to get away from pomp and circumstance, and just be. More organic, more authentic, more simple... nothing we can make is more beautiful than what's out your window, right? Your focus is on the intangibles: laughter, sunshine, friendship, love, so translating those ideas into things can be a daunting task. Luckily you know yourself, and aren't going to get bullied into something just because it's "trendy" just want to have a great time for you and your guests.

What's your font? Go for something fun and festive, "designer" font will make a page look rich just with formatting and color without needing lots of stuff! Think simple images with a little quirk, and bright colors will definitely be your friend!

Turn it on its head: Want to make sure it still feels "wedding-y"? Choose a more subdued color palate (blush and gray print gorgeous and feel very sophisticated) or think about laser-cut to create a "wow" statement with intricate lace-like cuts in the design.