Weekly Pinterest Board: Red Hot

Red's hot again. Not like we need anything to remind us of the heat, but after several years of feeling old and outdated, red is back with a vengeance! It's all about the right mix, layered from soft pink to rich burgundy, reds can be layered in new ways to create an ombre effect of color. I still think it's best when it's glossy, giving a sexy, rich sheen to everything it reflects. Red filigree and fine patterns look particularly sophisticated when balanced with lots of white, and the red glow of custom lighting can super saturate a room and make a plain decor absolutely drop dead gorgeous when drenched in red light. 

Don't be afraid, pile the reds on top of each other and get lost in a sea of color, a bold color like red can't be used timidly, otherwise it looks unfinished and out of place. Embrace the passion of red, mix up the hues, and don't be afraid to wrap yourself in red hot luxury. 

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