anna bé - Your Grown-up "Not so Princess" Moment

{photography by Otto Schulze Photographers}


We love how every bride is different, and the unique chance everyone gets to express themselves as a couple is one of or favorite parts of a wedding... and how better to express that than in what you wear! We spend countless hours seeing new designs, talking to designers, researching trends, editing our selection. It's not the easiest way, or the fastest, and definitely not the cheapest, so why do we do it. Why not take the easy way, buy a bunch of best sellers that everyone else in the country has, and just move as many brides through the door as we can squeeze?

Because your wedding is more special than that, and we think you deserve something extra. We do it for the Colorado bride! She's smart, confident, easy-going and friendly. She appreciates detail, but doesn't become so obsessive that she loses the big picture: having a wonderful day with her friends, family, and future husband! She wants something authentic, not cheap polyester with glued on beads which provide sparkle but little substance; she rather have real handmade touches, things that show this garment was made with love. She may like sparkle, love lace, or prefer classic clean lines, but never goes over the top because the most beautiful thing about a dress is the woman in it! 

That's our bride because that's who we are too! And whether we hail from New York or Kansas, grew up in Chicago or So Cal, Ivy League educated or have always stayed local, we've all embraced a Colorado lifestyle, offering a smile and some fun over stuffy old tradition or snotty high drama snobbery. We're not huge flashy people, and neither are our dresses (not get us wrong, we have lots that make a big fashion statement, but always through intricate design and forward-thinking style, not just drenching everything in glitter), and we always hope coming to anna bé is your favorite part of the wedding planning experience, because walking through the door feels like hanging out with your most knowledgeable, non-judgey, cool and laid back girlfriends... with fantastic taste, of course!