Ponies, braids and buns - oh my!

With wedding season in full swing, we get to see all of our amazing brides put the finishing touches on their wedding look.  One of the first questions we ask when we help a bride with her accessories is what they plan to do with their hair. For the past two seasons or so, the answer is quite often "something low, messy and off to the side". Now, we know why you ladies love this look--it is soft, feminine and allows you to not really have to choose between hair up and hair down. It is flattering for all hair types and facial structure and pretty much looks fantastic on everyone! But, if you are looking for something different and fresh, consider some of the ideas below.


The Big Bun


Either big and messy a la Carrie Bradshaw or smooth and coiffed (think Jennifer Lopez), this style allows you to make as big or small of a statement as you want. A big bun allows you to really rock some interesting hairpieces, like an amazing headband from Jennifer Behr (http://jenniferbehr.com/). 



Braided Updo


The braided updo is a great alternative to the messy side updo. It has that same romantic look and doesn't feel too structured. I love this for laid back mountain settings or weddings with a DIY eclectic vibe. 




So simple and yet totally undervalued as a wedding option!  This look works best for a fashion forward bride who isn't afraid to take a risk--someone who let their sense of style guide their dress selection toward the non-traditional (think Tara LaTour or a whimsically asymmetrical Vera Wang). 


Hair down


If you are one of the lucky few with amazing super model hair (we're not jealous at all btw), wearing your hair down for your wedding is kind of a no brainer. And, if you always wear your hair down in everyday life, this option will allow you to be true to yourself on your wedding day. After all, you want your friends and family to recognize you on your way down the aisle! Stick with soft, messy curls, nothing too overdone and make sure you work with an amazing colorist!