Wedding Inspiration - Backyard Bash - Keeping up with the Zuckerberg's and McConaughey's

Small is big, less is more, untrendy is trending. However you want to say it, there's a very real trend happening in ACTUAL celebrity weddings (fake wedding television specials a la Kardashians aside), where celebs and their close friends and family are celebrating in their own backyards. In a "Just Like Us" swing of the pendulum, we're seeing a trend towards low-key, intimate ceremonies and receptions that reflect a emphasis on substance over style. 

Not that these weddings are plain or cheap, they're actually more thoughtful and charming. The focus seems to be more on the couple as opposed to a laser light show of a spectacle. We saw Hollywood start making fun of that trend with movies like Bridesmaids (including an actual laser light show!) and I think we can all laugh a little about how over the top things can get when you lose perspective. 

So, how do you keep your wedding from turning into a parody of itself? Do you have to get married in your backyard just to prove you're keeping it low key? Of course not! Just remember when you're making plans, does it really speak to who you are as a couple, or is it flashy for flashy's sake. If you truly are obsessed with flowers, go for big bouquets and bedeck every aisle, but don't let yourself get carried away or else people might lose you in all the glitter and tulle.  

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