Designing Women

We're celebrating our boutique designers this month at Anna Be with additional dresses, discounts, and more from 4 USA couture designers. Lela, Junko, Tara, and Caroline are our Fab Four, bringing you innovation, style, and sophistication that isn't just another carbon copy of everyone's wedding dress. From Caroline's mix and match "ID" dress collection that let's you choose exactly the skirt and bodice you're looking for, to Junko's bold modern sensibility; mixing colors, patterns, and textures all with exquisite architecture. To Lela's soft and understated style reminiscent of a romantic era with daring elements like open backs and textural beadwork, and Tara's gutsy unique designs, that turn everything you thought you knew about bridal design on it's head. By their powers combined, they have a dress for every bride out there: the Colorado rustic chic girl, the Downtown sophisticate, or the Traditionalist with a twist. Come in this month while we have a special extended collection from these designers, and see how those extra little touches make all the difference in the world!

Top from Left to Right: Junko Yoshioka, Lela Rose, Tara LaTour, Tara LaTour, Tara LaTour