It's a great day for a green wedding

As green finally becomes the predominant color around Colorado, replacing the brown (or snowy white) of winter, we want to celebrate ways you can make your wedding more "green" as well. Here are four tips to make your wedding more green!


Go Hands Free - Non-tangible items

Anytime you can eliminate another piece of printing, or another item, you save not only the cost, but the manufacture and shipping of that item. Electronic versions of things, or eliminating items all together will save you and the planet the most. Electronic save the dates, websites with driving directions and accomodations instead of printed cards. If you're super tech savvy, I bet you could make a welcome app for your guests instead of a welcome basket. And instead of a hundred favors, consider making a donation in your guests honor, or forgoing for a more fabulous party, they won't mind!



Rather than add more stuff (that may become garbage) in the world, rent things that'll be reused! Renting decorations means less waste later since the rental company will take it back and use it again. And doing all your rentals from one place will save on delivery costs, gas, and hassle trying to coordinate lots of different vendors and their arrival times. 


Go Local

Transporation is the biggest contributor to ozone polution, and the best way to eliminate it is to keep things local. Find out what flowers or foods are in season and will come from local farms. Choose local vendors who aren't driving 50+ miles to make your delivery. Choose local products and local vendors, and make sure they choose local too! A local vendor who saves money by buying from Hong Kong may not be saving the earth if the person a few miles further sources everything in Colorado!


Offset your Carbon Footprint

Guests and family re often scattered all over the country (or the world!) so travel is unavoidable. The amount of ground transportation, hotel stays, and air travel are the biggest contributors to a wedding's carbon footprint, and the more guests you have, the more travel is pumping CO2 into the air. Carbonfund and WeddingWire have combined to provide a calculator to help figure out and offset your weddings impact on the environment.