April showers bring May gifts! How to register for your wedding

Gift registries conjure up all kinds of images. Your fiance who has decided to turn Tom Cruise/Mission Impossible on you, wielding scanner guns and registering for 14 sets of hockey-stick corn-on-the-cob holders before you can say, "baby, don't we really need new towels?" Or, the awful experience of the over-coiffed sales associate who gives you an icy glance because you don't know the difference between a four piece or five piece hostess set (the five piece usually adds a cold meat fork) in a store you could never afford, but your aunt insisted you simply "must" register there. 

Luckily, neither of those have to be your experience. There are so many different registry options now, that if you can buy something there, you can probably register for it. Here's a list of six we think should get you started, in several categories:

The Big Box Retailer: Crate & Barrel - large scale, registering here means anyone around the country can find what you're looking for. Can fit any budget and offers a 10% completion discount for anything you don't get.

{The Aiden sofa, tailored and comfy}

 {play MasterChef at home with a pro-grade Vitamix}



The Coloradoan: REI - With a huge flagship literally walking distance from Anna Be, outdoorsy couples can register for gear just as easily as anything else on their lists. Super helpful staff and online access to your registry make it perfect for the un-fussy, adventurous types!

{stay together forever (even when you're lost) with a new GPS}

{A kayak for two!}



The Boutique Shopper: HW Home - While there's no published registry available, shoppers can ask their consultants to create a "wish list" and interested parties can call or visit the store to order off the . Gorgeous pewter from Match and Italian Vietri plates, unique home accessories, and custom furniture.  

{awesome Dwell bedding}

{South African designer Carol Boyes makes these great pewter serving pieces}



The East Coaster: Michael C Fina - The New York institution, willing to walk you through every detail of your tablescape. Flatware, vases, stemware, this super-posh spot offers the epitome of luxury service (private consultations and endless advice) at a pretty penny. Great for older generation guests or traditionalists who want to buy you the very finest. 

{the ultimate in luxury china}

{colorful slices of rock make a great coaster set}



The Modernist: MOMA Design Store - furniture, accessories, art, even a membership. The MOMA store is modernist and minimalist heaven! Great option for your friends who want to get you something cool, but still practical. 

{an exclusive chair design at the MoMA shop}

{Mason jar lights, super cool and practical}



The Traveller: travelersjoy.com - If material possessions aren't your thing, and you're more of a life experience person, allow people to get you gifts that speak to your inner nomad. People purchase credits for travel; anything from a romantic dinner, to your airfare. There are plenty more sites like this one, so check around and see which one might offer the best incentive for you!