Weekly Pinterest Board: Moonlit Rooftop Engagement

For the men out there who might be following our blog or boards, trying to sneak some inspiration as to your fiance's dream designs, this one's for you. Even if you've popped the question, or are married, this works just as well for an anniversary or a "just because I love you" dinner, just because you're awesome like that. 

Lighting is everything! And nothing is more romantic than the soft glow of moonlight, strings of market lights, or soft luminaries setting the stage for the great moments in your lives. Plan ahead, and you might even want to consider hiring a planner to let the whole night go off without a hitch (well, hopefully they'll be one of those in the near future). 

Helpful tip - candlelight will also make that ring sparkle, no matter what size it is, so make sure she can see it glisten the second you pop the question. It'll be a truly dazzling moment. 

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