Under the Radar Drink Inspiration

Mint Julep via Food52 …It was the drink of the decade since it was served in the 1926 published book The Great Gatsby (HERE you find the classic version of this drink).

If you're looking for a little something different to do with the bar at your wedding, or you want to cool idea for a shower/engagement party/after-party/etc, think mixology. Sure, Williamsburg might have been doing it for what seems like a decade now, but Denver's just been hit in the past year with some speakeasy-vibe bars with some cool factor. Look to places like Green Russell downtown or Williams & Graham (literally 3 blocks up from Anna Bé) for bartenders who can flex some serious drink muscle. And we're not talking chair-restaurant "flair-tender" stuff, like down and dirty real deal old school drinks. Egg whites? An absinthe-rinsed glass? Bitters? Expand your palate and treat yourself (and your guests) to some sophisticated cocktails.

Our mixologist at FIVE (our big birthday bash this fall) was busy from moment one and was the huge hit of the night! Encourage guests to leave options open for your specialist, giving them a few keys like and/or dislikes, and let them go to town creating something custom for everyone.

Take it a step further and install a full speakeasy. Secret unmarked door, whispered passwords, dim lighting, really create a special experience that can be like a step back in time!