How to Strike a Pose at anna bé

Often the pics taken away from the bridal appointment may make your decision between the fantastic lace number you love or the wonderful organza gown you felt stunning in. And while it's unnecessary to strike the perfect model pose in every shot it is important that you like these photos enough for them to be helpful. You want to be able to concentrate on you in your favorite gowns, not the awkward photo your BFF took of you mid- sentence or the weird face your Aunt Madge is making in the background. So here are a few helpful tips to make sure you can focus on how awesome you look in that dress!


1.  Smile! Take a second to compose yourself and flash those pearly whites! I don't know anyone that likes a picture of them self frowning or talking. 

2. Stand up straight. Mom was right, dresses look better with your shoulders back and your back straight. 

3. Keep your hands at your side or resting lightly on your hips. Not only is this pose universally flattering, it keeps you from covering up details of the dress.

4. Be the only one in the photo. I totally get wanting a pic with your mom and bridesmaids next to you in your maybe wedding dress but make sure you get some solo shots too! This goes for folks in the background as well. When possible let the shot be of you only, the less distractions the better!


And one for your photographer of the day...

5. Get up and actively take photos! Your chosen paparazzo should not be taking pictures from a seated position on the sofa or into direct light. In order to show off you and the gown you love have photos taken from multiple angles and in flattering light. If this means taking a walk around the store, do it! And remember, we're always happy to act as photographer so don't hesitate to ask if you want to let your bridal party relax and enjoy the fashion show!


Talk soon!