When to Wear White

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Yes we know that the Victorian tradition has held up for around 150 years, and that white (ivory, ecru, cream included) is the most common color of choice for wedding dresses (over 90% of brides wear some shade of white at their wedding). But what about all the other events? Does tradition demand white for a rehearsal dinner? or a shower? Should you reserve the white for just the wedding day? Well, the answers are about as varied as their are brides, but as a general rule, white is completely acceptable for any occasion about, surrounding, or leading up to the wedding for brides. 

That does also mean it's considered taboo for guests as well. Unless the bride has specified on the invites, wearing all white to someone else's bridal shower or rehearsal dinner is considered inappropriate, though it doesn't have to be completely absent, a pattern where white is one of several colors is fine for these smaller events, though it should probably be avoided completely at the main event. 

We purposely stocked our downstairs ready to wear boutique, Ground Floor, with lots of ivory and white for those brides looking to extend their use of the color to the other events around their wedding, but we still have tons of other options too. So don't feel pressured into being a slave to white for every party, but enjoy being the stand out in the room and wear something bold and beautiful to celebrate these special days.