Special Edition on Pinterest - 12 pairs of wedding shoes!

Check out our most recent edition of 12 for 2012. This time we're focusing on shoes!!! I can't tell you how many times girls tell me that finding the right shoes for their wedding is tougher than finding the right dress! So why is it so difficult? Well, just like we all have different bodies, we all have different feet. But, unlike wedding dresses that are almost always long and white (about 90% based on a recent survey by the Knot), wedding shoes can be  in an array of colors, styles, shapes, heights, and there's nothing that says what is or isn't a wedding shoe. So how do you begin to decide?

#1: Choose a height and stick with it! You hem will be done to match your show height, so if you change shoes, you change where your hem hits. It's better to choose one conservative height that you can be in all night, than wear something super tall, then drag the bottom of your dress when you switch to flip-flops. 

#2: Consider the surface! If you're getting married on grass, don't get a stiletto that won't allow you to walk. If it might be muddy, keep it closed-toe. Consider both the ceremony and reception sites, and make sure the shoes will work for both places. 

#3: Don't worry about color! Actually I should say, don't try to match. Different fabrics and different sheens means no color is going to match 100%. Anything in the ivory family looks good with ivory. Blush, nude, peach all look great with wedding dresses. And metallics and bright colors provide fun contrast. Don't obsess over matching an exact shade, they're under your dress!

#4: Give yourself a wide (price) range! Like everything else in the wedding, you'll probably have a budget, but remember to stay flexible. Being in extreme pain because you had to go with the more uncomfortable shoes that were $50 cheaper, not worth it. But blowing your budget on Jimmy Choo's that no one ever sees? Unless you're going to wear them again, don't do it!

We hope you enjoy our 12 ideas for wedding shoes, at every color, price, and height. And don't despair if you don't find them right away. Just like finding your dress, your venue, or your fiance, these things take time! 

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