Stop the Insanity! A Practical Wedding

For those of us who are wedding "graduates" (are now happily married) we can probably point to a moment or two in the process where we kinda lost it. I've told a few people about my last minute freak-outs, including calling the Plaza (yeah, like THE Plaza, in NYC) at 11pm to find out if they could host something for us the following afternoon. Luckily no one laughed at loud at my request, and pleasantly informed me that there were no reservations available in the next 24 hours (ridiculous if you ask me) and so we carried on as planned, thank god!

There's something about the planning process that can turn us all a little nuts, and I decided that I didn't want to be part of the problem, I wanted to be part of the solution. So above and beyond making a point to make sure my brides really have a great time finding their dress, I've found my favorite site for my dose of daily zen cum inspiration, A Practical Wedding

Meg Keene's website dedicated to remembering that a wedding is a commencement ceremony, not a celebration of arriving at a certain day and having it look flawless, but a blessing to send people into a new, exciting phase of their lives. It's also a great place for wedding professionals  (like your friendly Anna Be staff) to remember that helping brides isn't about creating a frenzy and selling them on perfection, it's about celebrating their love and enjoying a memorable day with their friends and families. While it might not be as sprawling as the Knot, APW does offer loads of advice, from creative DIY wedding projects, to vendor recommendations and selection, to just a nice bit of advice about keeping your wedding manageable. 

And they host local meet-ups too! A great way to meet other like-minded brides and businesses that you can feel good supporting!