Minimoon and Maximoon - Go Big or Go Little Before you Go Home

Right after you've gone through everything that goes into planning a wedding, you feel like you could use a vacation. But, with big weddings, increasing budgets, or planning burnout, the honeymoon of your dreams may look a little different than you originally planned. Here are three classic honeymoon ideas for both the mini and the maxi budget, for both brides that need to get away from it all, and those that need to get back to work. 

The duration of your honeymoon is the biggest contributing factor, so closer destinations that allow for short trips will always save money, or consider taking a short trip now and a longer trip when you've saved back up some vacation time. 


#1 Wining and Dining:
If you're foodies, take the time to soak up the food life and make your meals the star of your honeymoon. 

Maxi - If you're looking for refined dining, fly as fast as you can to Western Europe. Consider a 3-country tour, The Italian countryside with its rustic dining and robust flavors, the high life of Parisian fair, bubbling over with champagne, and south to Spain for some spice. Bike through towns to find the finest, or indulge in European villas and chateaus and enjoy la dolce vita. 

Mini - Go "Sideways" through Napa wine country. Even a weekend at a little B&B will feel like another world after the hectic days leading up to a wedding. Tour the wineries, enjoy a few fabulous dinners with wine pairings, and enjoy lazy afternoons of picnics in the sunshine, or browsing through picture perfect towns. 



#2 Tropical Paradise:
Sea and sand never felt so good than after wedding stress. Let the sound of the sea melt it all away.

Maxi - Water in unreal blues and green surround the Pacific. From Fiji and Bali, to Tahiti, or domestically, Hawaii. Private rooms over the water, snorkeling, and diving. Or rent a private island and forget that the rest of the world exists (this is more affordable than one might think)!

Mini - To make the most of your short stay, just get to the nearest coast! Southern California has beautiful, romantic spots like Catalina Island or Malibu, and the East Coast offers everything from windswept beaches on North Carolina's outer banks, to the sizzle and nightlife of Miami heat!



#3 Out on the Town:
Get your cultural fix by savoring the city and all the hustle and bustle it has to offer.

Maxi - Nobody does big city culture like New York. And while it might not be the first place you think of when going big for a honeymoon, a penthouse with skyline views, dinner at super exclusive restaurants, and tickets to some of the best performances in the world will definitely make you feel like you're living large!

Mini - Consider cities you may never have thought about. Montreal is gorgeous (and cooler) all summer long with gorgeous shops, restaurants, festivals and culture (it's like a mini Paris). San Francisco has endless charm and is under 2 hours away! And Austin could be cool for a music loving couple who wants to hit the town every night!