12 Ways to Thank your Mom around your wedding

It's not easy to see your babies grow up, move on, and get married. And many moms struggle to find the right balance of involvement, while still deferring to your judgement, allowing you to make your own decisions. When you make your mom feel special and important, she much more likely to help the planning process in your wedding be smooth sailing, so in celebration of Mother's Day, here's 12 ways to honor mom at your wedding:

1. Speech - just saying a special thank you to mom at the wedding will make her feel honored and respected

2. One on one time - as much fun as it is to do things with your girlfriends, find a thing or two for just you an mom - from the florist appt to a mani/pedi

3. Editor and chief - include mom on proofreading your invites, use her keen eye to catch mistakes or omissions

4. Corsage - make sure she gets flowers too!

5. Remembering her - if your mom has passed on, consider including a remembrance of her sprit, and asking her to bless you as she watches

6. Let her help - if you and your mom have different tastes, don't marginalize her, give her a meaningful task that'll really help you!

7. Let her relax - don't make your mom your planner unless that's what she wants, often she'll just want to enjoy the day too, and rather spend quality time over coordinating little details

8. Present her with a present! A little bit of jewelry, some perfume, make sure she gets acknowledged along with everyone else

9. Include her special day - no doubt you've heard wedding stories from your mom. ask to borrow something from her day if she has it, or include pictures of both parents weddings at an event

10. Make her day - if you mom is crafty, enlist her help with some decorative items of the wedding, and make sure you mention how she made it every time someone comments on how lovely it looks

11. Don't just send them the bill - if your parents are paying, include a note of appreciation or thanks when you pass along an invoice, let them know you appreciate it every step of the way

12. Unite the moms - bring both moms together for a special date to make them comfortable with each other, and nip potential conflicts in the bud