12 Unique Gift Ideas for your Groom

You've found your dream wedding dress, and now you finally have time to concentrate on your groom. Contrary to popular belief (and the majority of bridal magazines) a lot of guys get into wedding stuff. Think of how much they love hanging out with their friends; now they get to supply limitless alcohol, awesome food and music, and live the life for an evening... of course they'll get into it! So how do you celebrate your man and thank him for getting into this whole wedding thing. Here's a dozen ideas of things to get your new husband (and yes, saying "husband" is kinda weird, exciting and scary all at the same time). And if you can't find the perfect groom's gift on this list, check out our second list of gifts for your groom. Between the two lists, you'll be sure to find a gift that will surprise and excite your groom! For more wedding ideas, visit our bridal blog.

1 celebreality: so maybe he doesn't watch E! News with the same passion that you do, but I bet he has his idols or heros. If he's got a movie star man-crush, see if you can get to a Hollywood premiere. Or find out how possibly it is to get to a preseason game and meet and greet with his favorite team.

2 grooms cake: if you weren't planning on having a groom's cake, it could be an awesome surprise. i've seen everything from a Yoda cake (delivered by Storm Troopers no less) to school colors, and more. And if he didn't get his favorite flavor on the main cake, let him have his thing on his very own cake! Check out this local Denver wedding cake maker, Anything But Vanilla's cakes. 

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3 a "proper" shave: treat him to a little grooming. if he's never had a warm lather, straight razor, real barbershop shave experience, this is a great time to introduce him to the idea of pampering... i cannot be held responsible if it becomes as regular as your manicures. Try Metroboom here in town.

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4 "his day" on your honeymoon:  surprise him with a special event while on your honeymoon that he's super into; a special snorkeling trip, tickets to a game, the best bbq place in southeast asia (i'm sure it exists). celebrate him with his very own day right after the wedding.

5 first edition: is he an avid reader? memorializing his favorite book be finding a real deal first edition would mean a lot. even better if you can get the author signature!

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6 Put (another) ring on it: a jewelry exchange on the wedding day is common, and the default for guys is often watches. it's a great option, but if you want to do something a little more special, think about getting him a ring for his right hand. my mother reset a hematite for my dad that had originally belonged to his grandfather, and he would have worn it in place of his wedding band he loved it so much!

7 man-appliances: while surprising you with a vacuum or dishwasher doesn't cut it for any bride post-"Leave it to Beaver" era, getting him an awesome powertool or ridiculous kitchen appliance might be perfect. The world's most powerful waffle iron? A jig-saw?

8 his suit/tux: even if it'll make an appearance once a year for your anniversary dinner, getting him into custom suit will help him look and feel his best. there's nothing like having the perfect fit, right? Again, we suggest Metroboom here in town.

9 a tree grows in...your yard: for the eco-logically minded, the symbol of a tree, a new growth, a new beginning could be the right gift your your home together. help him sharpen his pruning skills and give him something that'll last for decades to come.

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10 His favorite liquor, all year long: did your guy get super excited that he'd finally get to splurge on armagnac? did he get a special bottle to celebrate with his groomsmen? Make a monthly gift of the good stuff for your first year, and celebrate your monthiversarys all year long.

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11 The unexpected guest: this is a tricky one to get right, but if he has a friend who wasn't going to be able to attend, see if you can sneak him in. pay for a buddy's plane ticket or get his old college roommate in for the wedding. remember, make sure he'll be 100% glad to see him, but not so glad he'll be more excited about that than getting married.

12 a journal of your wedding experience: men are not completely devoid of sentiment, and if the planning process has been rocky, give him your notes from every day of the journey. Let him know how much you've loved him through every disagreement, joy, mistake, triumph, last minute change, and trying time. And let him know that that these memories are what make your life together special. There are somethings that money just can't buy.

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