Wedding Make-Over by Michael

While we were all pleasantly nauseated by the over the top stylings of one Kim Kardashian and her wedding (which comprised approximately 10% of her time married), I'm ready for a new trend! Rather than celebrities reinforcing their infamous personas with weddings in bad taste, why not use this mile-stone event to reinvent their personal image?! With rumors of Miley Cyrus recently getting engaged, it's hard not to think of ways to fix broken celebrity images with the ultimate spin story, a gorgeous, classy (did you hear that Miley? CLASSY!) wedded affair. So, who needs my help? Well...

Miley Cyrus
No Hannah Montana, a "party in the USA" themed wedding is not appropriate, nor should you be channeling your English doppelgangers and throw a bash a la ...Gypsy Weddings. Bridesmaids should not look like back-up dancers... but I do think there should be a father-daughter dance to Achy-Breaky Heart, because you've got to remember your roots! It's okay to be gorgeous and wear something figure-flattering, but I'm going to veto any article of clothing that you start describing as "glittery, see-through..."

Monique's subtle sparkle would be perfect for you. With a veil, traditional all white flowers, and a garden ceremony that says this party girl can class it up with the best of them. But Billy Rae, no bolo ties!

{Candy by Monique Lhuillier}

Seann William Scott
Well, Stifler, your dream came true, you're sealing the deal with a bona fide Victoria's Secret underwear model. However, this is not the time to bring an on screen persona to your nuptuals (just think of the box office receipts for American Wedding!) Think less Hugh Heffner, more Cary Grant. Classic black tuxedo, no need to give it a spin with crazy colors, or try to go James Bond with a dinner jacket or velvet slippers, classic black will suffice.

And one other tip: no The Hangover style bachelor parties; some things are just meant to stay on the screen!

I'm super skinny! Now I'm pregnant! Now I'm engaged! I can't keep up with you girl. Now might be a good time to slow down, take your time, and make sure your wedding doesn't look like a thrown together mess. If you're going to go East Coast, then go big! Villa in the Hamptons, brunch on the lawn, or if you really want to party, do a New York City penthouse, whatever you do, a simple trip to the other side of the Lincoln Tunnel will do you worlds of good!

And for the dress, think slick, chic, and simple. A great body hugging sexy shape is fine, but no Be-Dazzler.
A final word of advice: to avoid any potentially ugly "situations", keep the guest list small, you can always throw a big party later with your crew! Oh, and no Bump-its!!!

{Valentina by Junko Yoshioka}