12 Places to Honor Tradition in your Wedding

We talk about lots of places to break from tradition and do it your way at your wedding, from non-matching bridesmaids to dessert bars instead of cakes. But when you do not break the rules. Here are our 12 suggestions for places to stick with tradition in your wedding.

1 Go directly to your Honeymoon
Do not pass go, do not collect $200. After all the planning, the stress, the gatherings, the family, the exhaustion... get away and enjoy being married, immediately! I know it's planning another thing on top of all the wedding festivities, but you'll be so ready not to see another soul you know by the end, and just get a change to hole up in a hotel and tune out the world.

2 Let them eat cake
You can have other desserts too, but make the shining star of your desserts the cake, frosted anyway you want. Go big, go small, but don't let your guests go home without a chance to eat, drink, and be merry on the one day that even non-cake lovers will get down with cake!

3 Wear White
and I include ivory in this. It's an almost 200 year old tradition that might be the greatest symbol of being a bride, go for it!

4 Get something old, new, borrowed, and blue
What's the harm in a simple good luck charm? Embrace this opportunity to connect with other generations of women who have been married before you and find little hidden ways to incorporate this old adage. These are your memories, make them fun, quirky, and special!

5 Kiss whenever people clink their glasses
We love to see newlyweds affectionate, so let your guests have what they want, and give your hubby a little smooch whenever you hear that ring.

6 Have bridesmaids, flower girls, the whole party
Even if they're not all wearing the same dress, throwing you a shower, or scattering petals at your feet, involve those closest to you and let them help take some of the burden of planning a wedding off your shoulders. Pick reliable, low-drama people who mean lots to you, and if someone would hold not being asked to be a bridesmaid against you... consider what kind of friend that makes them, don't get bullied into having a small army of bridesmaids if you don't want them.

7 Exchange gifts with your groom
Send each other a little something the morning of the wedding, just to set the tone that this is really going to be for the two of you. Find something thoughtful rather than lavish, and enjoy surprising each other before the big day, as a private moment for just you two.

8 Have a full dinner
Yes, serving a full meal is more expensive than just apps or dessert, but to honor people who flew across the country, have known you their whole lives, or are just special enough to have their on your wedding day, make sure they're happy by getting them properly fed!

9 Wear a veil
Yes, I know it's a functionless piece of tulle you attach to your head, but there is something about a veil that really completes the bridal look. Plus, when else do you get to? Weddings are about seizing opportunities to embrace the frivolous things you usually don't get to indulge in for day to day life, take it, tulle and all!

10 Register
Make it easier on your friends and family by letting them know what they can get you. If you feel like you already "have it all" consider a website that lets people contribute to a honeymoon, or other major purchase in your life. We love to celebrate and give gifts, so let everyone know what you'll appreciate the most!

11 Write thank you's
And you may make it a habit. After the wedding, even if it's someone you see every day, make the point to write (note, not type) a thank you for their presence at your wedding, and any gift they may have given you. It's gestures like these that separate us from the animals, and remind people in a modern age how nice the little handmade touches are.

12 Make a grand exit
Let your guests party into the night, but before they all go, make a scene and leave with your new spouse! Bring the car around, honk the horn, and drive off into the proverbial sunset to start your new lives together!