Weekly Pinterest Board: Ginger

There's no single flavor that's better at describing sweet and spicy, juicy and tart than ginger. From the fragrant blossoms in pink and corals, to the spicy orange interior of its roots, ginger is a chameleon, inspiring all kinds of color and flavor combinations, and looks great when all of its qualities are worked together. The vibrant fuchsia, burnt orange, and fleshy pink all say ginger. And mixed with cinnamon and clove, it takes on an autumn spice element, mixed with veggies and hot peppers for tropical heat, and trio-ed with citrus and sugar for delicate confections with a surprising depth of flavor. Our board is about using all of gingers many meaning, but feel free to find the one that speaks most to you.

Ginger is an assertive flavor and color, so make sure it doesn't overpower parts of your wedding. Give it a good grounding color to balance (looks great with navy, silver, olive, and plum) or use it sparingly on an all white canvas with a hint of gold to maximize its freshness.

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