12 Reasons to get Married in March

If you're still planning your wedding and looking at dates, might I offer 12 reasons that March might be perfect for you. March is one of the least popular months to get married in the US, but you can use that to your advantage and get great deals, few crowds, and awesome design ideas for the month that comes "in like a lion and out like a lamb" Just beware the Ides of March!

#1:Because you love green - and since St Paddy's Day is in March, it's the perfect time to wear your emeralds, put your best friend Kelly in kelly, and sip on chartreuse!

#2: Catch the first breath of spring - bright colors, the snow finally starting to go away. Though March weather is unpredictable, in many parts of the country the end of the month really does signal winter's chill finally being over and celebrating the birth of spring.

#3: Score some serious deals at home - since it's "low season" for bridal, many spots have amazing deals. Often you could pay less than half the rate just by getting married right before a cut-off, like March 31st instead of April 1st.

#4: Score some serious deals for a destination - it's an amazing time for travel and travel deals. Costa Rica is in its prime come March, as well as several other tropical destinations. Warm up somewhere romantic for your wedding day!

#5: Tulips! - the best time of year for amazing tulips is early spring. Go overboard with tons of gorgeous natural flowers, and plan a honeymoon to see them in their prime in Holland!

#6: No other holidays (or anniversaries!) - Save St Patrick's, it's less likely to be sharing a holiday/birthday/anniversary with anything else in March. Get the month all to yourself!

#7: Recent Red Carpet Inspiration - Since awards season will have just ended, you'll have tons of fresh red carpet inspiration to try out before anyone else gets to it. Be the first on trends and styles for the upcoming year.

#8: Wear next year's dress - Speaking of being the first, lots of dresses that arrive in the fall are destined for summer weddings. But if your wedding is earlier, you'll be among the first to have access to the newest dresses before they flood the market. And it's also the perfect time to shop for brand new springtime shoes and accessories in stores!

#9: Get undivided attention - your photographer/florist/caterer might be booked back to back over the summer, but in March, you often have them all to yourself. That means they're more likely to be responsive and not be backlogged with running around, offering you more personalized service than they could other times of the year!

#10: Longer days! - March is daylight savings time, so celebrate the days getting longer with an evening wedding that actually stays light! Most everyone is ready to celebrate the longer hours and brighter days, putting them in just the right mood for a wedding

#11: No competition - Since you're also bound to be of the first to get married this year, there's a lot less of a competitive edge you have to worry about. No trying to outdo your college roommate who got married in June with a 12-piece band, or released 6 dozen doves as they left the largest cathedral in the state. Not joining the crowds in June also makes a statement that you're not playing the "can you top this" game and lets your wedding stand on its own.

#12: Wear sleeves - If you want a more covered look, getting married in a cooler month means getting to play more with layers. Add a wrap or a cardigan, or maybe even a dress design with a sleeve to get you away from the "everything strapless" look!