Wedding Inspiration: Fiesta!!!

Weddings can get so serious when really you want to party. Yes, they are momentous moments in our life, and deserve seriousness, reflection, and sincerity, but it's also about joy, friends, family, and celebration. And what could be more festive than a fiesta?! You don't have to get super themed out, but these vibrant ideas could liven up your wedding with some serious fun!

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Finding you Fiesta style

Color is your friend, think bright happy pops of colors like fuchsia, turquoise, orange, lime...they'll actually take to an otherwise white backdrop very well. And infusing fiesta style doesn't have to mean specifically Mexican pieces, just things that brighten your day and make you smile, colors that are unapologetically exuberant!!!

Keep a wide variety of palletes in mind, you'll want to offer mild and spicy options for those who aren't feeling the heat. But as long as there's plenty of Cholula, no guest will worry about getting bland food at your wedding!

There's no dress that would be "wrong" at a fiesta-inspired wedding, but lace, ruffles, anything that's fun and flirty definitely catches the spirit! You don't have to look like a flamenco dancer, it's actually better to mix levels of formality and design elements together to make the look more custom and unique.

If it's too much for your wedding, a taco truck parked outside the reception for late might bites for your guest would be perfect (anyone else love running into the burrito lady come closing time at the bar?!) Or perhaps fajitas for the rehearsal dinner, some dancing, some spice!