Eat Dessert First: things that work backwards in weddings

Some things in life are just too good to wait why should you? Break bridal tradition and do things your way, in your order. Changing the order of things will help "mix it up" and could take an ordinary wedding, and really help it stand out in you and your guests' memories.

1. Eat Dessert First
Well of course I had to literally use this one. Start off with a little sweet to welcome everyone. Sorbet on a hot day, a little spicy hot chocolate for a winter ceremony. Or go all the way and offer a dessert app during the cocktail hour. Those with a sweet tooth will be happy they don't have to worry about being too full for cake later, and you'll be able to snag some yourself before the party kicks into full gear.

2. Start with your reception
Invite guests to celebrate with you right away. If you're not doing a traditional religious ceremony, why not start with the party? Greet your guests as they arrive and encourage them to mingle. Set things in motion and introduce friends and family to each other. Then, when everyone's arrived and ready, gather everyone round for the ceremony, glasses in hand ready to toast!

3. Shoot first, ask questions later
Grab a first look photo with your groom, walk around town with your ladies, and get shots with your family before the wedding begins. Getting formal portraits and other photos out of the way before the actual wedding means you won't miss out on your entire cocktail hour, or you can go straight into dinner for a later affair. Or even consider getting bridal portraits done before the wedding day so that doesn't even have to make the agenda...just make sure you're extra careful and nothing happens to your dress!