Weekly Pinterest Board: Victorian Kitsch

People say kitsch like it's a bad thing, but a little silly can be just the thing to keep guests at your wedding in a cheerful mood. Have fun with funny little surprises, like a steampunk dj table, Victorian paper puppets at your photo booth, or a cross-stitched skull  on your shoes ;)
The blend of Victorian vintage and modern sensibility makes for some beautiful images, along with some quirky ones. Find authentic Victorian ephemera to detail your wedding. And in an era where bare walls were considered distasteful, go for full lush backdrops, with monochromatic and super stylish furnishings to keep it modern and not museum.
When inserting quirk, balance it with a sense of charm and grace, with delightful little surprises of silly, going over the top will make a wedding feel more funhouse than elegant event.

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