Weekly Pinterest Board: St Paddy's

Being inspired by a Catholic snake charmer doesn't have to mean green beer, corned beef, and shame. Green is actually one of the most beautiful, rich, and varied colors! Not warm or cool, the neutral tones in green are soothing, symbolizing peace, harmony, and balance, perfect feelings to invoke on your wedding day.
We played with all shades of green, from minty to springy, rich clear emerald to smoky sophisticated celadon. Probably too much all together in one wedding, don't don't be afraid to mix your greens to amp up the effect. Lemon, lime, and yellowy citrus based tones usually work better together (and can be balanced with olive), while blue based tones usually belong in its own category along with super saturated emeralds or kelly's
So if Guinness and hangovers aren't your scene, don't count St Paddy out, you can still use the shades associated with the holiday in original ways for your wedding!

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