Your Wedding Zen

{photo from Jenna Walker Photographers, click here for full post}

We get to see people around one of the happiest day of their lives. But big celebrations rarely come without some pretty big stress. If we can offer any advice, it's that you don't need to sweat the small stuff, and remember people ultimately are just trying to help. We really do try to make our part of your experience as enjoyable as possible, but it's a scary world out there, and not every vendor feels the same. If you can remember to breath, to trust your friends and family, and stay positive and solution-based, you'll make it through the toughest times with grace.

Consider putting de-stress events into your wedding planning. Give yourself some yoga classes, read a calming book (not just wedding magazines), allow yourself a planning vacation (a weekend with you and your fiance, but no wedding talk!) those breaks will help your life from getting devoured with all things wedding!
And if you need to work through a tough spot, you can always come back and try on your amazing dress, sip some champagne, and remember, it's all going to work, and you're going to be beautiful!!!